La Maison is driven by its vision of traveling the world in style, collecting moments and sharing experiences that are priceless throughout our lifetime.

The Aruban Traveler is an ever evolving collection, this will keep evolving as the brand evolves, a staple of MAISON RYON. This was the first collection and from day one (June 2021, with updates with every collection), all the pieces had their specific meanings and linkages to the natural stones and design.

The Aruban Traveler is inspired by places around the world from Hawaii to Argentina, from Amsterdam to Egypt to name a few, also zooming in sights of these countries which evoke experiences and beauty for its visitors. 

Linking traveling with our heritage, Aruba, is of extreme importance for La Maison. As the roots set in Aruba have paved the road for so many blessings and lessons learnt. 

La Maison is forever grateful with its island and the meaningful moments while traveling that give much perspective that can be translated in the daily lives we lead.

MAISON RYON is for the explorers, adventure seekers and travelers who seek pleasure through connections with people, cultures, authenticity, and an appreciation for the true charms of the world.

A pivotal part of La Maison is bringing meaning and purpose to each piece from the running collections, it is pivotal in the brand DNA that the person who wears a piece is connected to it, with the aim to expand the connection with worldly gems,  bring focus to self-awareness and a higher consciousness whilst looking fiercely sharp. 

Join us in the movement, show us your #ArubanTraveler experiences.