RYON was born in Oranjestad, Aruba, he was raised in a family of five having two brothers, a loving and dedicated Mother and Father. 

As a child RYON was very creative, he was always drawing and dancing. His favorite class in school was art class, he could always invest his creativity and learn a lot throughout. 

As a teen RYON picked up writing, in which he found a way of expressing his thoughts and as well formulating local interviews and articles for a local magazine. RYON having been a fan of music and coming from a household that stimulated entertainment, he was a DJ within his teens. 

RYON had creativity and passion for carnival, his initial love for dancing and creation. Stimulated by his Mother, he always participated and was excited to see, alter and decorate the costumes from age 5 and up. In current times, RYON has been awarded different awards during the Aruban Carnival season, giving his contribution and art to the Aruban cultural celebration. 

RYON moved to Amsterdam during his teens and enrolled at Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences to pursue his studies in Accountancy, whereafter he obtained his Masters in Accountancy and Control at the University of Amsterdam. Profession in which he proudly works in ensuring a contribution to the society and financial sector as a whole.

RYON lived for 10 years in Europe, this is where his interest in art and knowledge and curiosity spiked even more. RYON was a candidate for the Amsterdam Fashion Institute, in the Fashion Branding major, rather due to time and choices he did not finish this career path, rather the one mentioned early on. He worked in the fashion industry at different brands in the city in functions such as visual merchandiser, style advisor and sales advisor, gaining knowledge and perspective on the customer experience side of the industry and marketability and sales driven methods. 

He traveled the world in search of peace, tranquility,  and the want to experience new cultures and appreciate the vast history of each country. Since 2006 he has been using social media platforms to share his journeys with the tagline “Aruban Traveler” which he prides in being Aruban, promoting his island and passion for travel with others through stories, tips and photography. 

The Heritage of handwork came from a line of creatives in his family, like his grandma who was a seamstress and always indicated the importance of our Aruban heritage from a very young age.  

RYON has an exceptional eye for detail, is passionate in every project he involves himself in from his work in humanitarian and community efforts, to his profession, art and brand: MAISON RYON. 

He lives by the Meraki motto: this is a Modern Greek word, derived from the Turkish “Merak” (Labor of love, to do something with pleasure). Meraki means to do something with passion, with absolute devotion, with undivided attention.

Live simply, dream big, be grateful, give love, help others, laugh lots.