As inspiration comes to the creative director whilst traveling, RYON was traveling in an RV from Phoenix, Arizona to Salt Lake City, Utah during the month of September 2021 and inspiration came that he needed to design some new pieces. 

The picturesque nature of this road trip and hikes inspired him to make a capsule and limited collection of tassel necklaces in a variety of main colors that he was surrounded by on his journey, which were rich browns, reds, gold, black green and white. 

These pieces were made in the RV while on the road and taking in all the beautiful sights, being creative whilst traveling and exploring: the Aruban Traveler. 

As the collection was exclusive and limited, they were very unique pieces which could be worn in tropical weather, for festivals or any type of relaxed stylish plan. 

In this collection the pieces were inspired by the places and named after them, such as: Sedona, Ibiza and Scorpios. 

RYON envisioned these pieces coming to life at each of these places. 

Really focusing on the feeling of the piece and the connection to the person who wears it.