When thinking about the inspiration for a Holiday collection, La Maison thought to itself, a dark, sleek and sophisticated campaign. 

Showcasing a taste level of fun, celebration and enjoyment (Papiamento: Festeha) during the Holiday season. 

From a design perspective keywords that came to mind during the design process were: opulence, sheen, elegance, eye catching and most of all uniqueness in design.  

A joint campaign was held with the collaboration partner ZsaZsa Designs which had its collection called CELEBRA (English: to celebrate). 

Both collections were cohesive and a beautiful ad campaign was shot for this collection. 

Like every collection from MAISON RYON, the spiritual puprose of this collection was to celebrate unity, express gratitude and be surrounded by love & light during the Holiday season which is truly a time we all look forward to every year. 

Besides the wonderful times, the Holiday season is a time to amp-up the outfits and accessorize accordingly. 

We designed these pieces with the thought to complement and elevate your outfits with the FESTEHA pieces. They embody strength, class, sheen and elegance to pave your way into any special event in the coming season.

For this collection: the items had names in Papiamento (language spoken in Aruba, Bonaire and Curacao). These pieces were designed and had names that evoked feelings, words of strength and wisdom to ring in the new year with. 

FESTEHA is a collection of sleekness, sheen and sophistication.