Inspired by a documented pictograph A-8-16 located at the Cunucu Arikok site, the well-known ‘flying bird’ is a pictograph in a dark-reddish brown with a white outline, records show that this was seen and documented firstly by van Koolwijk back in 1881.

A national symbol, this bird symbolized for many: freedom, peace and our HERENCIA. For us it symbolizes connections of souls which are on their journey and are on their mission of life. A mission of infinite and vast uncertainty but always with conviction to reach the destination while appreciating and being mindful of the journey. 

From soil to the human chest and connected concentric souls. Take flight and ELEVA on your life’s mission.

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Silver is a workable material, appreciated and that reveals its brightness with the right process allowing us to deliver pieces worked 100% by hand, full of love and dedication.

The pendants are based in 925 Sterling Silver with 24K Gold Plating